Feet for Furniture No#1 solution for floor / furniture protection.

Supplier of replacment furniture feet and floor protecting solutions. Commercial and Domestic. Products include External fitting caps, Internal fitting, Easy glide range, and table feet to stop wobbly tables and protect floors

Every option for you table and chairs

Our products help elimiate scratched and marked floors, can reduce noise on timber and tiled flooring and can prolong the life of your new furniture.  Did you know the number 1 reson for broken furniture is stress on furniture joints when sliding chairs out whilst seated?

Eliminate floor scratches

Prevent scratches and marks to your floor buy fitting any of our smooth surfaces range of Furniture feet. Allows chairs to be dragged out effotlessley whilst preventing floor marks.

Reduce noise

Elimiate the awrfull screeching noice your metal and timber chairs make when i customer or visitor slides out the chair. It can dramiticly imporve the ambience of major venues 

Prolong life of furniture

Protect your investment! Ensure your furniture can last the the years by attaching our easy glide range to improve mobility and make your furniture last the years.

Our products

Our products offer protection to furniture as well as protection  for all types of Flooring such as TIMBER, TILES, CONCRETE AND CARPETED AREAS.

Our “Easy glide” range have been specifically designed to facilitate easy movement that helps minimize damage to expensive flooring, chairs and tables.
NO LONGER will you have scratched flooring, scuff marks, screeching noises or chairs that don’t want to slide in and out.
Our products are widely used in small and major venues throughout Australia and the rest of the world